7 Fact to know about Queen Elizabeth  


Invented A New Bread of DOG


Corgis Was her Favorite Dog which he even mated with dachshund which was belonging to her sister, Who was princes Margaret. This incident created a new bread of Dog that was named as ''dorgi''.

queen elizabeth became the owner of house at the age of 5 Only


Longest reigning monarch


In Britan Queen Elizabeth 2 was the longest reigning monarch of all time.

15 UK Presidents was served by Queen


She served for british as a queen for 70 years. In this career 15 President was served by Queen Elizabeth 2.

born on 21 april 1926 at 2:40 am 


She was born to her parents Duke and Duchess who late became the king and queen.

In 2 June 1952, She wins title of crowd queen


Queen Eleizath ll was the first was watched by 20 million people in TV. 

Two Birthdays of queen was celebrated


Queen actual birthday was on 21 April while queen official birthday was celebrated after 3 days when weather was better.

When Queen was Died


She died on  September 8, 2022 at her throne. She sleep at nigh and did not wake up in morning.