Yvon Chouinard founder of patagonia gives away his $3 billion worth company

On Wednesday Yvon Chouinard announce about give away of his apparel company to a non profit Organization to fight against Environmental Crisis and Climate Change.

The chouinard said the Pentagon was formed in 1973a  about value of $3 billions worth but now has been transfer to trust that is only to protect company values and non profit organization.

How much effect it will be for environment

In Press Release Chouinard said that it will bring $100 million annually that could be really effect to save people from enviromental crisis. 

Patogonia has also involved in some other environmentalism, like making products that are less harm to environments and also donating in 1% of grass root environment. 


Karpinki Said : For building a substainable business Chouinard has been a model and Now It has been a great model of giving also .

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