Top 8 Weight Loss Home Remedies

You can loss weight in a very short time.  

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Apple Cider Vinegar

You need to make a juice.  1) Take 2 Spoon Apple Cider Vinegar 2) Add it in 1 glass hot water 3) Mix 1 spoon honey in it. Take two time a day and it will help to loss your weight


Take Green Tea Daily

You can take green tea 2 or up to 3 times a day. It will help you to loss your weight instantly.


Use Honey with Lemon

Take One Lemon and One spoon honey and mix it with hot water. Take twice a day to loss your weight.

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Use Black Pepper

Black pepper is very good to loss weight if you take it by mixing with tea, , salad or any kind of dish. It helps to burn fats.


Take Parsley Juice 

Blend one Cup of Parsley and then add half cup water with half lemon. you can add honey as well. Empty stomach you can drink it.

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Take Juice of Cranberry

Take one glass daily juice of cranberry but it should be unsweetened.  You can take two times a day and we recommend to take it before meal.


Take Aloe vera Juice 

You should take one glass of Aloe Vera Juice one time a day. It increase your metabolic system of your body that helps to weight loss.


Cinnamon with Water

You can mix cinnamon with one glass hot water and can add half lemon with one spoon honey. You should take it one time a day with empty stomach.

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