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Shocking Pictures of Mermaids - Are Mermaids Real ? 

All information provided by NOP. We are not sure that these are real or not. 

The first Mermaid picture found on in 1998

The oldest pictures which was first consider as real and was go viral even in newspaper

This mermaid was found in syria in 2004

Some people see a mermaid near beach in syria. These pictures was viral in 2004.

A man holding a mermaid on beach.

In 2009 Some people said that a dead mermaid was found on beach. Mermaid lower body was just like a fish .

Mermaid found on boat

when people was trying to get fish. They found a mermaid caught in fish trap. But instantly mermaid went back to water.

SO these was the mermaids who found as real on internet but we need your suggestion , what you think  about these pictues.

Are Mermaids Real?