Are Mermaids Real? Where do mermaids live

by Usman Ali
Are mermaids real

You know humans are still unaware of 80/ unspiritual animals. Many creatures live on earth but some are hidden like mermaids. When they show themselves we get shocked. Some live in the depth of the ocean. One of them is mermaids. A question rise in our mind ” Are mermaids reals? ” People say that half of their body looks like fish and half their body from head to belly is like a human. This thing is different and feels like an imagination.

You know many people believe that mermaids are nothing. Some people say that they truly exist in this world. Some smart people are just trying to find reality like us. So, let’s go we just try to collect the evidence. If people are giving different justifications then we must think that there is something which is the truth, but the intellect does not accept it.
Some stories and people’s arguments are given below.

Mermaid History

People said that thousand years ago there was a Queen. Queen was very kind-hearted with her people. One day she was going somewhere. A sheep had died under the queen’s ride. She got shocked. In the same tension, she jumped into the sea. After some days, people saw that Queen was swimming in that ocean but the strange thing was that her half body from belly to feet was looking like a fish. Now, today I say yes it is just a story which is beyond reality. We just need authentic evidence. Because we are too much curious.

Are Mermaids Real?

According to the media, we were told that in Gokwe Zimbabwe, some people saw mermaids. The minds of these people would be surprised. This thing was beyond the intellect. Some people gave negative comments that it was not real and some were ready to accept this news and started to announce that a new creature had been recognized.

Actually, there is a problem. Why did that mermaid not appear again? Some people said that she did not like gathering. While Some said that they were afraid of humans that’s why they hide. Nowadays believe that mermaids live in the depth of oceans. They are queens of oceans. They do not like humans. In fact, they can eat humans. But, this is also not justified. They are not common creatures so how can we give arguments about their behaviours with humans?

Then we were informed that in New Zealand, a mermaid was seen. Some years ago, Hispaniola and the Caribbean Islands also announced the same news. Many other countries also announced. People have accepted that mermaids are real. One day will definitely come when all doubts will be cleared.

Our relationship with mermaids

We should notice how much we know about them. How much of our information is strong about mermaids? As for dolphins, we believe that they love humans. Actually, people say that mermaids don’t like humans. They hate us shown by their hidden personality. It is also noticed that they come out of the sea only for a few minutes.

You know some people also say that they are rare. We even don’t know about their parents and their evolutionary history. They are reals but still, we are unknown about them. We just want to know about them. We want to study about them.

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