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Top 7 Dangerous Animals of World

 By News Of Public 2022

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All information we are providing s based on our research on google.

Golden Poison Dart Frog

One Golden Frog poison can kill 10 young human.  It has poison in his skin so a minor touch to skin can cause trouble.

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A Cape buffalo is very dangerous due to his heavy body. He is responsible for killing of hunters in Africa region. His speed is 35 km per hour.


India Saw Scaled Viper

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One ot the most popular and dangerious snake who show him self in the dark nigh. You can feel it presence by his sizilling sound.

Brazillian Wandering Spider is 6 to 7 inches that is enough for sudden heart attack. Brazillian Spider could bite a human and can finish the job.

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Brazillian Spider

The fearsome crocodile is one of the dangerous animal that can deliver a bite with 3900 pounds per square inchs that could eat any living things in a couple of seconds.

Salt Water Crocodile


If we analyse then we can see that mosquitos are killing 700 people each year. They spread very fast by breading can badly effect humans by biting.

Elephant is very dangerous because of it's big size. It has been reported that 3200   people killed every year by elephants.

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Disclaimer : All the information is gathered by google on the basis of our research. I hope you like it.