Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals in the world

by Usman Ali

There are millions and trillions of species in the world. Some are famous for their beauty. Some people (nonvegetarians) like to eat some animals, and some people like to keep some animals in their homes but here we are going to discuss those animals which are too much dangerous even for humans. They are savage. They have become rulers of other organisms of their dangerous nature.

I got shocked when I started to study them. I knew un unbelievable things. Nature is an enigma. You should try to unpuzzle it. Many realities are hidden. Try to know to feel yourself wonder.

Although dangerous animals are in larger number. But here we will discuss only thosan e animals which have incredibly dangerous nature.

These are the most dangerous animals that are given below:


The lion is a savage animal. Also called King of Jungle. Did you think about it? Why it is the king of the jungle? Of course, these thoughts come to our minds. You know due to their power they took this position. They have the power to kill animals. Even humans have fear of them. When they see a lion, they run away because they do not want to become a lion’s food.

They have more power in their bites. Their teeth are too sharp. Although, people avoid them. They keep themselves too many miles away from those jungles where they are present. But if by mistake someone enters the jungle, they will never return back.

About 200 humans are eaten by lions per year. And thousands of animals have lost their lives by becoming the food of lions.


You know that dogs are faithful animals. People like them to keep in their homes like pets. American people like them the most. They arrange a separate place for them in their homes. They give special food to them to eat. They love them and care for them like their children but some dogs have horrible natures. They have tasted the taste of meat. They start to bite people. Then people face the most dangerous conditions. In many cases, people lose their lives due to dog bites. You should be aware of their dangerous bites. Dogs kill 59000 people per year. And many other people recover after dogs’ bites but their recovery is too much difficult.

My opinion is that dogs should not be allowed to live in our societies. They should be removed from public places. I think we should not take risks by keeping such dangerous hidden animals. Although some are pets l am talking that we should not consider all dogs faithful some are dangerous for humans and also give harm other animals like hens etc. Keep your distance and stay safe.


These are also one of the most dangerous animals in this world. They kill 138,000 humans per year with their dangerous bites.
Its tongue has to poison. When it bites someone, its poison enters in someone’s body and ultimately death will happen. People are well aware of snakes’ dangerous nature.

They do not want them to come near to them. When someone sees it, he will kill it. These are normally present in forests. People even do not go to jungles because it feels very difficult to handle them. They come silently and kill them silently with their bites. They even eat animals without crushing them in their mouth. As it enters their bodies and in their stomach, there are special structures that crush their food. We humans sometimes feel helpless to see such dangerous animals who have more power than us.

Grizzly bear

It is one of the most dangerous animals. It is beautiful in looking but dangerous when you go near to it. Because when you go near to it, it will kill you. So, avoid them. Never allow them to come near to you.

Grizzly bears have too many dangerous bites, which can easily take someone’s life. We can say that they are not less dangerous than lions. Because like lions they also bite the animals and kill them. They have a very dangerous nature.
Stay away from them to save your life.


This animal is called the most dangerous animal in this world. But now it has been removed from the earth.
It had a very horrible nature. It came on earth billions of years ago, introduced them like savage animals and one day removed. But still, when people talk about them, they feel furious. Because these animals were too heightened.

They do not just bite people and many other animals, they eat them. They destroyed a million people and made them their food. Now, although they have ended people discuss their horrible nature and cannot forget the people who lost their lives to dinosaurs.


It is also included in the list of dangerous animals. Crocodiles kill 1,000 humans per year. These are aquatic animals and amphibians. Means live on seas and sometimes if people are standing near the seas come outside the sea only for a few seconds and hold them into their teeth and again go back.

It is also harmful to aquatic animals. It is called savage for them.


Snark is an aquatic animal. It is a fish but it is very dangerous for aquatic life and also for humans. When someone has the ability to swim in the seas but he will not think because he knows about the dangerous nature of sharks.

Seas have also become dangerous for us due to dangerous animals like sharks within the seas. You know that people use boats to travel on the surface of seas. People faced many horror incidents. Some sharks are too much big for boats. They strike with boats and harm humans which travel in boats.


Elephants although very beautiful but have a dangerous nature which has included them in the list of most dangerous animals in this world. We agree that people put them in zoos. People like to see them. But it is also a bitter reality that many big elephants are present in Jungles. Who are very horrible and dangerous. Who kill many animals. Although they do not eat them by pushing and hitting them they take their lives.

They are too aggressive animals. They kill 600 humans per year. They also harm those animals which are living in their surroundings.


Hippos are very dangerous animals. Their bite is too much dangerous. In fact, they harm many animals even humans. They are very weird in looking. They are not common means people have not aware of them. But the people who visit the forests should be aware of them.

Siberian Unicorn

The Siberian Unicorn is a savage animal. It is a dangerous animal of this world. It harms the animals present in its surroundings and also harms humans. It is a very aggressive animal. People should be aware of it. And run away where it is seen.

In the end, we get to the point where nature introduced beautiful animals, on the other side, it met us with those dangerous animals who were the reasons for many deaths of organisms. This means nature is filled with positivity and negativity. Sometimes, we kill the animals and sometimes animals kill us. Everyone is in the battle. Everyone is just trying to maintain their position. It is said by someone: “The jungle’s rule is to kill them before they kill you”.

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