How to make someone miss you?

by Usman Ali
how to make someone miss you

This is a psychological fact that everyone wants attention too. He expects other people to miss him. But it is also a bitter reality that every person cannot get attention. You know, to enter into someone’s thoughts is not easy. It needs tricks. Every person is unaware of those fabulous tricks.

Now we will discuss all tricks and some necessary steps and their use will make you important in someone’s life

1) You have to know the weak points of some person

It is easy to play a game than play with someone’s mind. Never create a judgment without knowing someone. First of all, try to get weak points. Every person feels emotional. No one can be happy all the time. So, be patient. When you have to know the shortcomings of someone then always speak good about every talk which relates about their shortcomings in front of them, which reminds him about his that horror thought. Never hurt him. When someone will think about his worries, automatically he starts to think about you.

2) By giving respect you can buy someone’s heart:

You know every person in this world demands respect. Every person is working to gain respect. Respect is very important than money. But unfortunately, respect comes after money. But this is a separate discussion. Now, we are discussing the way to enter into someone’s thoughts. So, come to the point; Always give respect to people, especially at that time when they are feeling disrespect. But it is situational-based. Even never see the situation, whenever you meet with someone, talk with respect or manners.

Automatically, he/she will start to think about you. Giving respect is a very powerful phenomenon, even this step not only can buy someone’s thoughts but also has unmatchable effects on feelings of the heart. He /She will start to miss you.

*3) Always be humble especially during talking with him/ her:

You have to know that people do not like merciless people. Always a humble, respectful and polite person attracts them.
If you have to adopt the way toward someone’s heart and thoughts then you will be polite and humble. You should introduce yourself in front of him as a good person. Whenever he thinks about positivity, your thoughts must be created in his mind. When will start to think about yourself?

4) Don’t be available for someone all the time:

It is said by someone: “Qadar kho deta ha roz ka ana jana “
Always give respect to him. Always be humble. Always do help him. But do not be available all the time. Your behavior should be nice. But keep yourself at some distance. After introducing to him your positivity, your mercy then hide. He / She automatically will start to miss you and the funniest thing is to find you.

5) Always be different from the Surrounding People

Your behavior should be different. You look different. People do not think about a loser, a common person. Your dressing should be different. So, try to be prominent and always remain silent. Never become an open book. You should be silent. Even people start trying to know you. Obviously, in other words, they will start to miss you.

6) Always show care for someone:

If you know, that he/she is sensitive then show him that you are doing care for him/her. This trick is not beneficial even for sensitive people but sometimes proves good for mature and sensible people. Always show care.

7) Always be important:

Never allow someone to disrespect you and feels you are unimportant. You should be a valuable person. If you consider yourself important, then people will accept you as an important person. People think about that person who is valuable and important for them and also for people.

8) Before impressing someone, impress those people who are living in their surroundings to them:

This is a very unique and easy trick. To show you great and make someone think about you all the time and miss you, you have to impress the people who are living in their surroundings and are important to them.

9) Always be positive because people like a happy and positive person:
Now, half of the world is facing the problem of anxiety and depression. People do not like as well as never think about that person, who is negative and unhappy. They keep those people in their surroundings, which is good for their mental health. They avoid negative people. You should remain positive in front of them.


It is acknowledged by our discussion that politeness, humbleness, remaining positive, Giving respect to someone, becoming a caring person, etc are those steps that urge people to think about you. To enter into someone’s thoughts, turn your lifestyle according to them. When they talk to you, listen to them attentionally then a time will come when you will talk in their thoughts then they will listen to you silently. By adopting these tricks, they will be linked to you emotionally.

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