Why am I so emotional?

by Usman Ali
Why am I so emotional

Every person has emotions but some people are too emotional and sensitive. They think deeply and are different from other mature people. Their behaviour is different from other people’s. They make decisions on feelings.

Attributes of an emotional person?

1) He/She will be sensitive.’

2) Having an overthinking mind

3) Would discuss any emotional incident again and again in fact many times, happened in his life.

4) While seeing any emotion seen in dramas or movies, he will start to cry.

5) Think before speaking and try his best to keep people living in his surroundings happy.

6) Anyone can damage such people, by playing with their emotions.

7) They have no strong mentality

8) They think deeply

9) Think about people for a longer time

10) They love people instead of themselves

11) Society considers such people weak

12) Such people cannot take hard decisions in their life because their emotions sometimes ignore reality.

13) Such people look different from other people

14) Everyone likes them because they never hurt someone.

Which things made me emotional?

Many things happened to me which made me a sensitive, overthinking person.I will discuss them one by one then you will know all reasons behind an emotional person.

1) Emotions Are Gifts from Allah Almighty :

Some people are emotional by birth and l am one of them. This thing came to me from my mother. Sometimes, l think that it is present in my genes that I am an overthinking person. I am too much sensitive. Someone’s bad to talk hurts me. Sometimes when l see people do something good l also become emotional and feel happy to see them happy. You know here the funniest thing is that l weep and my tears flow and are called tears of happiness. My all works are linked with emotions. I weep in happiness and also in sadness. Pray for people by heart. I consider it the Gift by Allah Almighty because my style to see things to imagine things is different. An emotional person thinks differently.

2) Negative aspects of an emotional person OR society made me emotional

You know sometimes society urges you to become emotional. Every person has a sensitive aspect of life. You may be conscious of something. They play with your emotions and badly destroy your abilities. And hurt you in that age of life, when you even do not know how to handle yourself. You even are unaware of the negative impacts of your continuous emotions on your health. Directly, if l say any negative incident of your life which you faced during your childhood made you emotional. Even you could not enjoy your childhood properly. And an emotional barrier had built in your life which people also can see in your younger age. This means when you grow up the age increases you look different from other boys.

But here you know there is also a positive aspect which is, you are too much sincere with your goal as compared to others and get more success than others because your every work which you do is linked with emotions but the negative thing is that an emotion person cannot bear failure. He cries the most. He takes much time to repair.

3) They think Deeply and try to judge people with emotions

Always think deeply because being an emotional person l always try to reach the roots of any problem. When l think and know about the hidden faces of people l feel sad. It hurts me the most.

4) How people can easily play with an emotional person:

It is very easy for a sharp and mature person to play with an emotional person. A mature person renders a fake and
emotional story in front of him and feels emotional. An emotional person starts to consider himself his friend and tells him about his nature which is an actual weak point for a mature person. And then he enjoys seeing him cry.
Emotions proved for himself a poison. No one can hurt a person who thinks with their mind instead of their heart.

5) Emotional Person becomes a victim of diseases

You know the journey of life is very tough. Those who keep their eyes closed during passing from the dangerous ways and hardships of life can happily end their way. But those who take it seriously, think deeply and want to know the dangerous way instead of thinking about the destination become victims of diseases. Because they remain silent but thinkings about them never stop. It is said by someone: ” sochen insan ko bemar kar dete hain”

How am I trying to turn myself from an emotional to a *mature person positively?

I have realized finally that emotions are enemies when they become unbearable. Be emotional but to some extent. Never called an emotional fool. In this regard, l took many steps in my life to get rid of emotional thoughts when l realized that my emotional style of life had become prominent over my dreams.
These beneficial steps are given below:

1) I started to help people but this time never expect from them. I minimized in fact ended my expectations from people then their negative behaviours could not hurt me.

2) l made me able to take decisions but never think ever about the results. It made me prepare for negativity more instead of positivity.

3) I feel the voice of my mind and ignore the arising emotions in my heart.

4) l do not hear the emotional story of anyone. If l hear then never think again and again about that story.

5) I make friends but never become an open book to them and never build trust with them.

6) l think positive and stay positive. Always think positive about people

7) l never harm people.

This positive behaviour creates positivity and never allows anyone to harm me, this thing proves that now l have overcome my emotions.


It is said:” Excess of everything is bad “
Do not be so rude or so emotional. Create a balance in yourself. Be humble where this thing is needed. Be rude when someone teases you. Try to be polite. But when someone hurts you, Don’t be sad and try to fight for your right. Give respect to people but never allow them to disrespect you.

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