Things to do on your birthday

by Usman Ali
things to do on birthday

People love themselves. If we notice then we can see that every person in this world is just trying to make himself happy and successful. No one has time for his family and friends. Everyone at first focus on himself and then on others. He thinks about what does make him happy. It is according to nature that 90/people are self-loving and caring.

Do you think that happiness has become unique for us? We have all sorts of things. Everything we can get easily accepts happiness. Our happiness has limited. We wait for happiness to come automatically and never try to create the reasons for happiness. So, we should try to make all days special for us and the people who are present in our surroundings. We should try to share our happiness.

Why someone’s birthday is important?

You know every person loves and likes the important incidents related to his life. And this thing made me laugh that more than his birth what will be important for him?
Even we think again and again about a single happiest moment of life so how we can forget the day of our birth. We think about our favorite things so how we can forget the day when we came?
So, our birthday is important for us. Every person loves his special day.

Some decisions should be taken by every person on their birthday
I think it will be the biggest achievement that on your birthday you should try to analyze yourself. For example, another year has passed. What did you get? What did you lose? You should take a promise to yourself that you will never repeat your shortcomings in the upcoming year.

  • You will try to improve yourself.
  • You will try to do good with people.
  • You will enter happiness in people’s lives.
  • You will try to fulfil your dreams.

Wishes on 12’O clock

It has become a trend or style to give wishes to someone on the exact 12’O Clock. This thing made someone realize how much he/ she is important for you. We do not take sleep and give wishes like :
” Happiest birthday dear. May you live long. May you get all things which you want in your life”. Then we go to sleep.

Arrange a birthday party

Then we make a plan for a birthday party. We arrange a lunch plan and call all the special people for the birthday boy.
We call a home decorator. We give the order for a special cake. The most funniest thing is that we do not show and tell about all preparations to the birthday boy.

It will be a surprise party to make his day special. To make him realize how much he is important for us. Because feelings are to be expressed so always express your good intentions for important persons in your life.

The happiest moment after getting the party

The birthday boy thought that all people wished me 12’O Clock. They gave me best wishes. But today is my special day and no one is here to celebrate. But as he entered the home, he has shocked to see the special arrangements done for him.
The love in his heart for his family and friends had increased to a great extent. They were here for him by skipping all their important tasks.

He had known the importance and the importance of people who were standing in front of him and continuously saying happy birthday dear, happy birthday dear, may you have many more, may you shine like a star on this earth.

You know we have a busy life, but we are not busy for special occasions with our relatives. We should celebrate and we should say thanks to Allah Almighty, for giving us a chance to see the love of people, by entering such nice people into our life.

Then the birthday boy cut the cake. All people were going to start to eat the cake happily. Then drank cold drinks. After some time they did lunch and went away to their homes.

Another surprise by family members

After the guests had gone, we arranged a dinner plan in a famous restaurant. We went with the birthday boy and ate his favorite food and then we tired and came back home. But these memories are still special for us.

Point to be noted

We got a positive aspect that happiness increased when we increased in someone’s life.
We agree that life has become busy and it is very difficult for us to share all our time with others. At least, just trying to take one step means just giving your one day to make someone’s one-day special.
We are temporary on earth. Life is too short. Always try to do something, that people think about you even after your death. Although you are dead you are present in their prayers and happiness. I do not think that people remember you when they are sad. You should be the reason for their smile in sadness.

I am not saying that you should become a joker in their lives l am just saying that you should be a teacher who teaches his students how to smile, how to turn a single day into a day of millions and billions of happiness.
There are many things to do on your birthday you can give best wishes, we can arrange a party, you can make a dinner plan, you can go to eat in some famous restaurant.

Even a birthday boy can give a party to his family and friends. He can make their day special on his own special day. But it depends on who is ready to spread happiness at first. Who knows the importance of a smile in someone’s life?

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