What are Emotionally Unavailable: 5 Signs To Look For

What are Emotionally Unavailable 5 Signs To Look For

by Usman Ali

We always listen around us that a person is emotionally unavailable but we never know what does it means, really? If you found a person emotionally disturbing or unavailable. You can analyze them by their habit.

Maybe you have a new friend and you want to know about his nature but you are not able to understand that what goes inside her mind. You want to understand Is it emotionally unavailable. NOP provides you with a way to spot the emotional unavailability of a person.

What is Emotionally Unavailable?

There are a lot of factors that describe someone unavailable emotionally. If someone is shy, not openly discuss their feelings. They can be flaky, evasive, and difficult to read. We can spot them emotionally unavailable.

If someone is unavailable emotionally with you it doesn’t mean you did wrong to them. It means you are sharing only your feelings with them. You have to think about their feelings and thoughts.

If you see a person who is disturbed emotionally or is a little confusing to share their thoughts with you. It doesn’t mean that they are emotionally unavailable to everyone. Emotional unavailability is for only specific people.

Emotionally unavailability can impact all kinds of relationships :

  • child and parent relationship
  • business association
  • life partner
  • Close friendship

It could effectively badly to everyone in any stage of their life and there is a misconception that all men are unavailable emotionally.

Track Signs of Emotionally Unavailable Person

Emotionally unavailability depends on the situation and it’s different every time. To deal with it is a challenge.

NOP haring some major and important signs of an emotionally unavailable person:

1. They have Defensive Behavior

You can detect the emotional unavailability of a person by his defensive behavior. They will try to blame you or anyone else for their problems. They will find challenging to trust anyone.

Unavailable Emotionally people will avoid participating in the discussion for changing behavior, or emotional feeling-related topics. They pretend that they are right even they are wrong.

Instead of making changes to them, they will try to change others. They want everyone to work according to them which is not possible and people left them without knowing their condition.

2. They don’t communicate in consistent manner

Sure, We all are not available emotionally sometimes. If someone is not available all the time then we can say he is not an emotionally available person.

When you will communicate with them they will pretend that they are listing you very well. If you see then we can analyze that they are just watching you but not listing you. They always remain in their thought. It shows that they are not emotionally available.

3. Emotionally Unavailable Person Always Avoid Lables

Always pretend that they are not in a relationship while they are in relation. If a person needs the benefits of a relationship but does not want to accept that he is in a relationship then it means he is not emotionally available.

They never want to use the label of a husband, partner, friend, etc. They will not accept anyone as a relation but want the benefit of that relation.

4. Unclear Behavior about what they want

If you are asking or guessing what they want but they are not giving you the right answer then it means they are not emotionally available. They don’t know what they want to say and that’s the reason sometime you see aggressiveness in their behavior.

They even don’t know what they want and little confuse to their partner also. This unclear behavior could brings problems in any kind of relation.

5. Emotionally Unavailable Person Never Comprmise their Time

A person who is emotionally unavaiable will never compromise their own time for you. They will be narrow minded and always want you to revolve around them.

It brings problems in the relationship because no one wants to work on another schedule. Relationships work from two ways. Both need to compromise while they will never understand. It shows the sign of someone emotionally unavailability

I hope these are helpful for you to better understand when a person is emotionally unavailable.Thanks

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