Fruit Custard Recipe | Easy and Tasty Desert

by Usman Ali

Fruit Custard Recipe

We are going to tell you the easy-making fruit custard recipe, which is the tastiest and sweet dish in Asia. This dish is just amazing. After reading the title you can say that we don’t need to learn the recipe for this simple dish. We can make it without knowing But you just need to know that nothing is simple. Even a simple dish has a hidden trick which makes it tastiest. The complete recipe for Custard is given below. Read and know the wonderful style to cook fruit custard.


  • Custard Powder
  • Milk one litre
  • Fruit Cake
  • Almonds
  • Coconut

Method to cook

To cook the fruit custard recipe, You should follow these steps.

1) Take 2-litre milk. Separate one cup of milk. Add full custard packet in it and shake gently until it has mixed.

2) Put the saucepan on the fire. Add the remaining milk to it. And start to mix.

3) When you feel that now milk is hot then add that cup of custard ( custard powder and milk mixture ).

4) You just carry on mixing. When you feel that it has thicked then you are clear that custard has ready. Now, you can off the flame.

How to serve

Now Add your half-prepared custard to the dish. Then add fruit cakes or you can use fruits for the better taste and fruits could be any type of according to your taste. We recommend using mangos or strawberries for better taste and it is necessary to make it the best fruit custard recipe.

After that, you can add the remaining custard to the dish and can add the crushed coconut to it. And make a design according to your choice. The best design is to add almonds to the surface of the custard. You can also spread cut fruits. Your sweetish and tastiest dish is ready. Eat with your family to spread sweetness in your lives.  

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