Banana Powder New Business Idea – Banana Skin Powder

by Usman Ali

The banana powder can make you rich in your life. If you people come to know that these banana peels are eight thousand rupees per kilo, then you used to do banana peels from the streets to make banana powder, just as people write on paper with Rotis.

Let’s go on today’s article to know about banana peeling powder in detail, how can we make peel powder and can sell it for Rs 21,000, You should believe on it, if you do this business, then surely you people can earn millions of rupees every month by doing banana powder business.

The demand for banana peeling powder is increasing day by day. Their are a lots of products who are comming and using banana powder. You can also make your own products by using banana peels.

We are sharing the proper way how you can get benefits from banana peels. Complete details are given below.

How to make banana powder?

Let me tell you guys completely how to make banana peel powder First you guys need the peels of banana according to your need. You need to remember what you people have to do after that, You need to make dry all the peels of the banana. Put them to be drawn, in a day or two, you guys have these banana peels, if you guys have a dieter, you can also drive in it.

You can also use any machine which you have in your house to grind banana peels or if you want to take a heavy-duty grinder in the market, it’s also on you guys. It will cost you an amount of fifteen to twenty thousand rupees, I will message you in the beginning that you should have grinder machine in your house, So you people can easily grind them to convert them into banana powder.

It’s ready now that you guys have to purify them in a good CPEC and then it’s the most difficult step for you guys is to sell this banana powder. So we are giving you the solution to this problem so now you can easily sell it.

Where to sell Banana Powder?

If you finish it, then the first thing you guys have to do is to open an online store on daraz or any other online marketplace. if you people don’t know how to open an online store, you people can search on YouTube, and thousands of guide videos will appear and you can learn how to open a store.

Once you open an online store, you can sell this powder there, in addition, you can also target social media communities to sell your banana powder. you can also make the advertisement through the proper channel.

If you guys don’t want to sell online, you can make your own union product like you guys can make it, you use people in it or you can make your face mask in which you people will use the same makeup.


You can use banana powder to make different kinds of your own products. You can use it in making beauty creams, scrubs, facewash etc, People will start liking your product and will use it in their daily routine, You should make it affordable for everyone to use. So the poor people are also able to purchase it to use, In short, it should be budget-friendly.

This was today’s great business idea, Today’s prescription has been told, and I hope you people like it. If you have any kind of questions then can ask them in the comment section. Our editors will try to reach you as soon as possible. Thank you

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