How to Start a Business with No Money for 2023

by Usman Ali
business with no money

In today’s Article, I am going to tell you how to start a business with no money and I can easily do whatever I tell, no one knows in the air, but easily I don’t mean it at all.

You will have to work a lot of hard work, you will have to use your mind a lot and everyone will have to scold them. I will tell you how can you do your own business without spending zero money.

Understand the Real Meaning of a Business

First of all, we have to understand that if the business really means and when you go to this thing, believe me, you will have become a 100 per cent businessman.

To understand this, we take other people in one name and we all come to the biggest business on earth and other small businessmen, our India’s Mr Ratan Tata, Mr Mukesh Ambani who is one of the world’s richest man. Mukesh Ambani, the vegetable seller and cloth seller, who reaches our street, and the vegetable seller, are within the day and night, but in fact, from the point of view of the business, both of them are businessmen of the business.

The real meaning is to provide service to people and charge some money in return, meaning reliance on petrol pump gives people petrol and vegetable people get the vegetable of their choice and not the same thing, i.e. in simple language.

In one assembly, he does something for other people, how does he get it in return, now you must have understood that the real meaning of business is not to earn a lot of money, but to do a small work of your own.

I am a small businessman, now it depends on you to what level you are going to increase your work and sir you will increase your work, you will become such a big businessman and now I have understood that the business

Now let’s talk about what I will do in my own business and how will you do it and that too something is deleted like I can give a good advisory, you can wait, follow people.

You see videos of a lot of people doing what you actually do on your mobile all day and when watching his video for them, they get money and that too millions of rupees a month i.e.

Start Business with No Money

There is a businessman who comes to pass your time on youtube by sharing their videos with you and this thing gets money, now the question comes that how will you do business, how will you earn money, they can also make zero investment, so it is an element of simplicity.

You can do a lot of things on the internet like writing everything on blogging websites, youtube video creation, and Facebook page and maybe you have done all this before.

You must have tried to do these things before, but you would not have been able to do it for a long time, in such a case it happens to me, but brother, it is a business.

You have to think like a business, Doing business is not so easy, you have to work a lot of hard work, you have to use a lot of brains and the most expensive thing is not inside you.

I also follow a lot of youtube creators myself and watch their videos, but if I watch the video on YouTube for three hours of the day, I can’t do anything myself for six to seven hours otherwise I think I have wasted my time.

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You have to create your own strategies to do business without investment because in the work in which your money is not invested, our most important footage is invested and that is our time to become a good businessman.

Now the question comes, but what should I do business, answer your question, otherwise you have you think for a while and see what is the job that calculates.

Make Crores by business

Now discuss in the article how your business can earn crores of rupees, for a while, you have started financial for a moment, financial for a moment, your three to four months of hard work.

After doing this, I have taken one wicket and kept his prize of 100 rupees, now in the eyes of those who meet, a madman has stopped.

Think of an interview with a businessman, make a product of 100 rupees and earned ten thousand rupees which you have sent to the people and now you have sold the product of eighty hundred rupees to one thousand people i.e. you have earned one lakh rupees and now believe it.

If you had rs 1,000 and sold it to another person, then you can guess for yourself how many crores of rupees can earn, that is, you can earn crores of rupees throughout your life.

The mindset of a businessman is like this, how can you do business worth crores of rupees by working online, just change your way of thinking, but for this, you do not need to change your thinking, but you do not need to change your thinking.
You will also have to work hard by winning and if you see your appearance even then I want to say that look at this, so I want to earn money online, then private limited definitely wants to see and listen to this video.

If you want, I will write a detailed article for your motivation, in which I will tell you the whole detail of how much money I earn from my YouTube channel, that is, if you want to know the details, then definitely tell me in the comment to learn something new due to today.

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