What is meant by Work Motivation?

by Usman Ali
work motivation

The energy to perform any task called work motivation. Without motivation we are nothing. We cannot achieve our goals if we have no motivation. We live because we have motivations in our surroundings like we are living by seeing other people’s lives. Imagine you were alone in this world you would have not any desire to live because nothing was leading you, hence proving every road needed a leading road to identify its way. A child learns how to speak by listening to his elder how to speak it is a big motivation. If we think we will feel that everyone competes with others this is also a motivation. I can prove my logic by giving a lot of examples which are given below.

Example number 1

If we think about Sky and earth they do not exchange their positions because they have their appearance and own identities. If Sky comes down it will not be called Sky same as supposed for the earth. In this regard you think that a teacher is teaching in class he/ she is the best teacher then his student will say l want to become a teacher. In saying this he is just thinking about his/ her teacher’s impressive personality means he has some motivation who is forcing him to do this. Someone says l want to become a doctor because he is impressed and strongly motivated by any doctor then what is this? This is motivation. Motivation is the driving force that changes and leads a person’s life. You are performing well in the present because you were strongly impressed by a person in the past. We are not going to succeed we are just following a successful person, the result is that we are also included in the legends. Earth revolves around the Sun and the moon revolves around the earth think man what is it? Because they are motivated by each other.

Example number 2

A person who cares his himself more and more is motivated by a healthy person. Without motivation, without a guiding star, we are nothing, we cannot shine in our personal and professional life. You know it is also a bit reality that sometimes someone’s life bad aspect change the direction of our life. We see an unsuccessful person, we hate his life and do promise ourselves that we will not spoil our lives like this. We remove these bad things which resemble that person it is a positive change. A negative person created a positive direction in your life.

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