Why Failure is the key to success?

by Usman Ali
failure is the key to success

Failure is the teacher. It is said by someone 🙁 failure is a good lesson for people to learn how to succeed). It is common that you may fail because at first, you have no experience of how to do a particular thing. It means we get something wrong. We cannot always be successful the first time around and we need to understand that failure is the key to success. It takes a while to learn to experiment and to succeed.

We often get frustrated, we may even give up because of fear of failure we cannot skip hardworking. It is said that” if wishes were horses everyone would like to ride, many of the ambitions of people die in their budding stage but people cannot avoid ambitions” It’s your right to see dreams. Serve your energy and your time to fulfill them.

Sometimes we deserve unmatchable success so God protects us from minor achievements. To call number one we need failure, yes failure because it polishes our abilities which are hidden. It promotes our hidden energy, our hidden sincerity with our aim. It highlights our shortcomings to remove them. Love failure if it feels embarrassing. Love your shortcomings if they are ready to leave you. Without failure, success cannot come.

Success tells us that eradicate or remove your failure then it will come. I am not afraid to become a failure person because God can turn failure into success by seeing your loyalty to your aim. Being human beings we cannot be great because sometimes our mood is our enemy, bad weather compel us not to do any work but a diamond shines in a black coal

Failure is also an open enemy but for those people who don’t try to get rid of it, who do not try to remove this word from their lives, who don’t get any lesson from it. Try to become a successful person. During trying you are facing failure it is not a problem. The problem comes when failure comes by your mistake. Learn from your failure

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