A Journey to Fortress Lahore, Pakistan

by Usman Ali
fortress lahore

A trip to Fortress Lahore is a very important journey of my life because I visited that place with my teachers and friends. One day our school principal said to us that he arranged our trip to the fortress. We said that we did not want to visit that place but he said you would enjoy trust me. We said okay and made all preparations. I was in class 8. One day we went on that journey. It was about 2 hour journey from Sheikhupura to Lahore. I sat on the bus with my friends. We sang songs. We talked with each other. We were very happy. The School headmaster arranged a separate bus for teachers. They were also enjoying themselves. Although the bus condition was not good.

It was so dirty but even we enjoyed the most. I was sitting near the window side of the bus and looking outside the bus and enjoying seeing the River Ravi and many places from where we were passing. My friends had mobiles and headphones and we enjoyed the songs. We were thinking the journey was so beautiful so how much beauty would be the destination? Then the bus stopped and a class monitor said that we had reached. She accounted for the students because it was a big responsibility to account for students. Then we entered the fortress. Ohh! it was a very nice and beautiful shopping mall too. But we did not do the shopping because our concern was only swung. There was a big sector arranged there for swings. We entered and started to enjoy ourselves. First of all, l bought ice cream because the weather was too much hot. Seeing me other students also started to buy ice cream. Then we enjoyed the swings with our teachers.

All strict teachers were also in good mood. I sat on the Sky Wheel, moving horses, and also in Canada, one of the most interesting swings. Some students went to boot Bangla but l said no l could not go there because l was afraid about the boot Bangla too. But nowadays when l memorize that day l think we should not skip any chance that life gives us even if it may be dangerous or peaceful. Then we heard about the discovery of a swing that was in actual danger.

Everyone was just want to avoid that. The School Managing Director said to me and my friends Try this swing. We said no, never. But he forced us but it was Allah Almighty’s mercy that, that swing was out of order. Even today l am afraid of that swing because It is too much dangerous. Now l am not able to enjoy that swing I am also afraid now, the class monitor again started to account for students. Our teachers ordered us to sit again on the bus and we turned back. It was the most memorable journey of my life which l cannot forget in every part of my life

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