Tips to get rid of depression?

by Usman Ali
get rid of depression

Depression is an insect that eats your abilities, destroys your stamina, and removes your energy. Kill it before it kills you. Depression means you have no ability to bear failure, you are a hopeless person, and your trust in yourself is weak. You need to know that behind a successful person there are many failures so why you are hopeless. Trust on Allah Almighty then on yourself that Allah has provided you all abilities superior to others. You even don’t think that without mistakes you cannot be perfect. So Why you are taking stress and depression?

Off the lights of room at night and think all good memories about your any achievement. Open that page of your life when you got something and any reward at any stage of life. In this way, self-confidence will be created. You will know about yourself that you can also get positive things. If something bad is happening in your life there was a time when something good was happening. Serve your energy to do all things right instead of taking depression.

The main reason for depression is we think What people will think? This thing is very bad, you should not think about people’s thoughts. It’s your life, your decisions are important to you, and your health and your energy are more important than people. People wait to see you depressed. Don’t allow them to laugh at you. On your failure before people, you should laugh at yourself to think that at least you tried, that is important. Then work hard which is the positive aspect of your life.

If you are depressed means you are a weak person and a weak person can do nothing. We are human. We can do mistakes it’s according to nature. So always remain happy. Read the history of legends, they failed then they succeeded. Don’t take depression because if you are depressed means your abilities are also depressed and if you are normal means you can change your life

Depression is an open enemy get rid of it kill it. Always think about the reason which created depression, that there is a reason behind every bad situation which we don’t know then remove the roots of that reason. Smile and move forward

Always share your problems with those people living in your surrounding. They should be trustworthy. This is a very suitable reason to remove the tension.
Do not allow the tensions to enter your body otherwise, you will be lost and would not be repair

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