Make Sure He is Really a Successful person

by Usman Ali
A Successful Person

Everyone in our surroundings is just trying to become a successful person. In fact, everyone wants it and starts to copy some successful person who is just in his eyes but everyone cannot fulfil this desire to be a successful man or woman. Of course, we can say it is an issue.

I got shocked when I listened that a successful person whom I considered was saying that he was nothing. Ohh really! Still, he was nothing. I was considering him a hero and he was talking like a zero. I got a point that no one was satisfied. Then how could I follow such an ungrateful person? So, a big problem was in front of me but every problem definitely has some solution.

Solution of A problem to be a Successful Person

( I am not motivated by someone so how can I follow someone? ) With*one *solution

Do you know what is the big issue behind our dim personality? Actually, we are not impressed by a successful person, we follow a bad person in actual, who shows that he is getting all things but on another side, he is a sad also a bad person. We get disappointed and start to skip good habits too of that person. We start to hate success because a very bad side of success is in front of us. Especially in our surrounding a person who has money, fame and all things but is a rude person and who is not versed in good manners.

For example, I met with a person who was doing a PhD. But, from that day I got a point that a PhD was not a big thing. What do you say about that person? You know how can you say him an educated person? I say that you try to find a real successful person because a guiding star is important, We require a teacher in our lives and a mentor is important. Behind our success, behind our achievements, there is always our favourite personality. You know why are you not a doctor today, a judge today, a good businessman today? Especially if you were not impressed by someone. You did not see a person ever before who tried his best to get something.

Personality Matters

Now, you will say that I heard about many person’s achievements. Actually, you could not feel their success because their personality could not impress you. So, come to the point. Always choose a good mentor. Everyone is not perfect so every person takes some good things. Even by seeing a successful person, you can skip all bad habits which match with you from your life. Make an imagination related to your dream then try to work on it. But, I have skipped the main point of our discussion that why some successful people cannot impress us. You know, they were successful in real but just for themselves. They were happy but they did not want to share their happiness with you.

The person who had no nature of sharing. They are not heroes in my opinion. They are eating but many people near them are hungry. But you just need to try to remove all shortcomings from yourself. Never think about them because such people are negative.

Follow the way of positivity. If unfortunately, nature did not give us chance to find a real mentor, because nature wanted something better, no issue at all Create a new story. Think that you will do something and teach people. Create positivity in yourself. I am not saying that a teacher is not important I am just saying that every good person gets some good habits. Pray for others and pray for you. You know naturally, we all know the good and bad sides of work. So, fight with yourself. Remove bad things and add good things.

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