A Single Act can bring a Life-Changing Moment

by Usman Ali
life changing moments

You are considering yourself a loser. You are that person who is a failure in your opinion. No, you are wrong now. Actually, you just need to think that a single can be a life-changing moment. You just need to take a single step to change your self and this step can be situational-based.

By seeing different situations you will understand this sentence, which is given below. I will tell you now how can you can get a life-changing moment. Even you are thinking that you have lost. You are also wrong. The keys to your problems are in your pocket and you are still disappointed. You are still waiting for a helper. Thinking about the past. You are still confused about the future. Still doing nothing. You are still angry. Still worried. No need for the above conditions.

You need to recognize yourself. Now let’s start the main discussion. We try to know about the steps, which will change you. Which makes you realize that you are the winner of your life story. You are a hero for others. You are a light which is equally distributed in all dark places of your life moments.

First Step for Life-Changing Moment

Listen to me attentionally, you know many people cannot take a life-changing moment step. The reason is their health. Good health is very important to do something. Maybe some people take this sentence as a joke but try to understand that health is a very important key to opening the ways to achievement. Be careful about your health. I will explain this by an example. Suppose you want to become a scientist. Your search is about at night. You need to skip sleep only for a few days. But, you say that whenever I don’t take sleep, I feel low all day. Then someone says to you that you cannot skip your sleep just for a few days. But in my opinion, you are not wrong. Although days are few you have no right to play with your internal peace.

Working hard is gold, it gives amazing results but it is patience, not a pain. Here, there is a problem. You do have not the energy to do something. I know this example sounds different. I tell you another example. In your life, you want to buy a car. But when you drive a car, your heartbeat starts to increase. Tell me now. Do you try to get a car still? The answer is no. This is just an example. Don’t take it seriously. Take it seriously when you start to take stress or tension then remind this example.

Things to Avoid for Life-Changing Moments

Stress and tension are big enemies that will stay away from the life-changing moment. If you are healthy. You can do all things. Take care of your health. Clean your heart for those people, who teases you. Stay away from people which are bad for your internal peace. Speak without fear. I read somewhere that ” You were not born to impress others”.

I say you to stay away from negative thoughts and negativity. Once my teacher said, ” If all the world is against you but you are still positive then one day will definitely come when the world will start to change this attitude with you”. In short! I say to you that satisfaction, decisions free of stress, opinion free of fear and word hard free of pain are those steps which are life-changing steps. Again I clarify my opinion about hardworking.

I am not saying that hardworking is a bad thing. I am just saying that hardworking is a fight with the soul, it is a fight with favourite things, it is a fight which urges you not to attend parties. It should not be a pain. You studied whole the night by sacrificing your sleep and then you took the sleep just for one hour it is a positive aspect. But when you studied whole the night and the next morning your body started to pain then it is a weakness. It is a punishment. Patience gives reward and punishment gives pain.

An amazing step to do

Do you know what is the way which goes straight to your destination? It is just a movement. Movement yes it is a movement. Suppose, you want to become a doctor. You know well that this dream needs hardworking. Don’t be confused. Simple go to the room and start to study. Don’t think about the start or even about the end. You just need to take a step toward doing something.

Doing something is a movement. When all things are clear then why are you not going forward? “Think and then do” is the simplest and shortcut way. It is smartness that when you think then you start to do. Your destination should be defined.

Even a smile can be a Life-Changing moment

You know a smile is very important. It explains to people that you are happy in your life and from all things which are happening in your life. Smiling is a gift from Allah Almighty. Because it creates happiness. I suggest that when you get success give only a simple smile. Behind your smile, there will be a lot of work and sacrifices.

Whenever you get failure then smile. It will prove like medicine for you. It will tell you that you still have energy given by Allah Almighty, to turn the bad side of your life into a good side. This smile will create a shine in your eyes. A shine of flowing tears which will show your love for your work. You should be a self-motivated person. And you know this powerful smile will change your life. People will want to study about your life to get motivation. You will say to people that even in any situation just take a smile. An intelligent person can just understand that behind this smile may be a lot of tears, problems and work.

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