How to be happy again – 5 working tips

by Usman Ali
happy again

Once upon a time, you were happy then you faced sadness. Now, why are you facing difficulty to be happy again? You have to make yourself happy again. I accept that the problem was so big, and it is hard to forget but look at yourself you are the best. The problem is just that your trust in yourself is weak. But look at yourself again you are a human being.

This world is for you. You have the power to arrive on the moon, you have the power to find the secrets hidden on earth, the power given by Allah Almighty. If you have the power to find the solution to problems then why is it still impossible to seek the reason for happiness? Do you know what is the problem with you? You are your problem. You do not care for yourself. Sit in a corner and think that about 90/ of your problems are just due to people.

Those people to whom you give importance, you allow them to hurt you, you allow them to give you pain, you allow yourself to make expectations from them and you yess you play with you badly and one day comes when your days and nights are full of sadness. If you are healthy you can do anything. You can get anything again. You can make millions of reasons for happiness. Yes, health is wealth. It is very important. You have to care otherwise your sadness will take from you, your health then you can sad because that will be a real loss. I am confused to see you permanent in sadness but you have to know happiness is a diamond that shines in the darkness.

Tips to become happy again by discussing different problems of different people

1) Now, put a mirror in front of you.

Look at yourself. You are okay. You are looking good. Many people love you then Why are you sad? Many people hate you this is also a taste of life. Many people think about you. You should feel happy. You should feel happy to think that you exist somewhere and you are important.
Be happy for those people who love you.
Who feels happy to see you happy?

2) Your soul is within your body. You have the responsibility for yourself.

Why are you dealing with yourself badly? Why are you so bad for me? If you cannot make yourself happy then how can you change and turn the bad side of your life? Do not kill yourself, l am again saying do not kill yourself by continuous depression. This is your’s life. You are enough to smile.

You are destroying yourself due to some failure, due to some business loss due to some other issues, due to some harsh words means that you are afraid of people. Try to understand that when you are in pain then you alone are in this pain. If those people are not with you then why are you taking stress on those people? Feel about your importance for yourself and feel again happy.

3) There is no problem at all.

If you have failed then laugh to think that at least you gave the paper. Laugh with those people who are laughing at you. Then take another chance, work hard, improve yourself then get success although it may be after many tries then again laugh to see people shocked. This situation is for that case when you think about people compliments very much otherwise there is no need for people’s opinion about you.

4) Sometimes we have lost our health

Now, we are well aware of our health importance. But you are sad. And feeling impossible to be happy again. There is no problem at all. Yeah! Not at all. Think that your problems are due to your habit of taking stress now yess just change this habit. Keep yourself happy. Use your willpower by thinking that I am okay. Your positivity and your happiness will turn you into a healthy person. It is said by someone: ” Think positive then positive things will happen around you”.

5) Every problem needs a solution to be happy again

When any problem comes then try to solve it. Try your best to get rid of that problem. Never turn yourself into a sad mood like a child whose toy has broken. Behave like an adult person and take a gentle smile and solve the issue.

You should understand the Important logic about the worth of happiness. If you want to do something right then you should do it yourself.

You know you only are the reason for your happiness. Life is not a drama. No one will come to understand the reason for happiness and often this thought made me laugh that a mirror maker was well aware of this issue and that no one is available to feel you happy to see yourself in the mirror by showing a happy side you infront of you.

Try to be happy again even in sadness because it is a reality that no one is available to urge us that be happy, no one can understand the worth of happiness by politeness and even by a slap. Only, we can understand our self that how to remain happy all the time. You have to learn the clue of happiness. You have to adopt the habit of happiness. Because happiness is our need. It creates freshness in thoughts and energy in exams. Stay happy, keep people living in your surroundings happy, and spread happiness all the time.

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