If you want something done right do it yourself

by Usman Ali
If you want something done right do it yourself

You only are responsible for your duties. You know it’s your life, your rules. It does not mean that others’ opinion is not important in your life. I am just saying that you will decide what you want to do. Cherish such people who give you advice, who give you ideas, yet they are just giving you ideas and they cannot rule your life.

Just listen to different ideas never become a slave. It is said by someone: ” Your today’s habits decide your behavior in the future. Prove yourself. You just need to prove that you only can perform your work in the best way. Because if you allow another person to do your work then you cannot get one hundred percent satisfaction. Your work can only satisfy you. For example, If you have a twin brother. He looks the same as you. You say him that he will go to give your tomorrow exam instead of you. Although your brother is good then studies than you after the result you will say that I can get good marks and I can perform well than him. Do you know what is the main issue?

Try to think. Again think about the above example. I said in that example that your twin brother was good in his studies than you which means that he got good marks than you (if you gave a paper ). But you thought that l could get good marks than him. Why were you thinking that? You were thinking because in that case, you had no mental satisfaction which you could only get by your performance even if, you got bad marks.

Mental satisfaction is important because we earn money, we get success and we do hard work only to get satisfaction. I think if you are an unsuccessful person but you are happy and satisfied in your life then no need to get success. Your work and your ideas can only define you. Your work can become your identity. Think man that no one can do the good which you want to do. Because you are unique. You are different. Do some different.

Understand this

I start the discussion about “Your Work Is Your Life” and imagination. Imagine that
you have three brothers and three sisters. They are doing some job. But you are doing nothing. They had money in their accounts and your pocket is nill, empty and the amount in your account is zero. You are the poorest. You cannot fulfill your needs. You cannot fulfill your desires. Even to do a single task you need to call them for money than in that case l say that you are a beggar. No one will come to do something for you. So, you should be aware that your work leads your life. You are separate.

Now, come to the point. From the above discussion, we have known the importance of our work. If you want something done right do it yourself because you only know the importance of that work for you. Suppose if you are hungry then you need to eat the meal. If you win the game you are the winner. If you are failed then you are looser. Never keep expectations from people. You need to know the worth of your work and then do that work because you only know how to do your work because it is for you.

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