by Usman Ali

The area where we are living should be clean. Because a clean environment keeps your mind clean and you can spend a peaceful life. It has proved that your surroundings affect you. You should try to live in a peaceful & pollution-free environment. Even you can observe the people living in a clean environment, enjoying a healthy life, and those people who are ill who have an unclean environment.

The specialty in a pollution-free environment

  • 1) A pollution-free environment gives the look of heaven on earth.
  • 2) Everything seems different.
  • 3) People who are living in such areas have neat and clean skins.
  • 4) People who are living in a neat and clean environment have good health as compared to those people who are living in a dirty environment.
  • 5) The beauty of a cleaned environment is unmatchable. The Sky looks blue, the rivers and lakes are too much beautiful and clean that you can see the fish too when you see them. The birds are chirping and a very attractive look is showing.
  • 6) You can enjoy a healthy life
  • 7) You can enjoy the real taste of nature
  • 8) Clean environment increases your life by protecting you from diseases. You can live longer.
  • 9) Pollution free environment prevents you from anxiety and depression.

Factors which cause the pollution in the environment

There are many factors which are causing pollution and today we will share how to control them also so read it carefully.

Volcanic eruption

Volcanic eruption is a natural cause of environmental pollution.

It can be controlled by trees but unfortunately, people are cutting trees in large numbers. This situation has also been destroyed by humans. I do not know Why humans are behaving like nonsense living things. He is destroying his beautiful environment with his own hands.

Cutting of Trees

Humans are ending the trees which is the big reason for environmental pollution. Trees keep our environment clean.

People who are linked with the environmental sciences field should provide awareness among the people.

Vehicle Smoke

Everything has positive and negative aspects. Although man had made vehicles that minimize
the traveling time but on the other hand, the releasing smoke by vehicles has destroyed the cleanliness of the environment.

We should avoid cars, and motorbikes and should try to create such vehicles that do not use burning fuel to do work. We should think and adopt measures which help us to keep our environment clean.
Types of pollution due to them we lost pollution free environment.

Air pollution

Pollution which has present in the air through cigarette smoke, vehicle smoke, smoke which is released from factories and industries, burning of fossil fuels, etc. We should take steps to get rid of air pollution. Like, grow more and more trees. Minimize industries and try to use homemade things, industries should be made in very small numbers and must be far away from residential areas.

Water pollution

Water pollution is destroying our environment badly. Dirty water which is released into the freshwater ponds and lakes is another reason for water pollution which is also too much dangerous for aquatic life.

Noise Pollution

More noise also affects the peace of life and ends the peace of the environment. It creates by the noise of vehicles, mikes, etc. Our environment should be peaceful

Which things make pollution free environment:

  • 1) Do not throw rubbish in the streets. It should be buried in the jungles which are far away from the cities.
  • 2) Do not make factories, especially near the population of people and colonies.
  • 3) Do not throw the dirty water which releases from factories into fresh flowing lakes and streams.
  • 4) Do not use vehicles too much even to cover very small distances.

In the end, l want to say that nature is a gift by Allah Almighty. Never destroy it. And cleanliness of the environment is your responsibility. Try to protect the land which allowed you to live on it. Save you by saving the environment.

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