The Importance of a Father in Child Life

by Usman Ali
father importance

The most loyal and pure person in this world is your father. You can blind trust your father. The importance of a father cannot be explained by words. It is a matter of feeling. But unfortunately, people have oblivious. Try to wake yourself. Why are you ignoring the Divine blessing on yourself? Why are your eyes closed in the sea of peace? Your father is your real peace.

We ignore the most sincere person in this world. You are trivializing that person who is the source of bringing you to this world. This type of worthlessness is a sin. You should understand the importance of a father to be happy and to pay respect to your father.

Why Importance of a Father is necessary?

Your father is important because he is your life and he only is the identity of your life. Your father tells you some tricks to survive in this world, hence proving that he is the real teacher. He wipes away your tears when you cry, hence proving that he is the best well-wisher. He is that tree which gives you sweet fruits whenever you are hungry and gives you shadows when the sun will feel your hotness. He understands you that’s why you are by him. The importance of a father is to teach you a lesson that someday you will be a father or mother. You will also require the importance of your children.

He gets angry with you when you try to do wrong to yourself. When you adopt the wrong way, he teaches you with love. He always tries to do good with you. So the Importance of a father should be in your life.

How does Father take care of You?

When you were a child, your father took care of him. You know he is that person who loves you from the core of your heart. You can think that many people love you very much but they love your abilities, maybe you look beautiful to them, maybe you are doing good for them but you know What is the great difference? Your father loves you as you are created.

What should you do for the Importance of a Father?

You need to follow these practices to be respectful to your father and to give the returns of your father’s sacrifices for you.

1) Try to know the worth of the father

The Importance of a Father is necessary because he is that person who loves you but never shows you. He is your soul but within a second you feel him that he is nothing to you. You show that you are a loser. You are a blind person. You are that person who is an enemy of his own shade. You ignore him for temporary people and fake faces. You ignore that person whose existence is a diamond of happiness and gold of love for you, whose existence is full of prayers for you.

He is the medicine of your sufferings. I feel sad when someone disrespects his parents because they cannot recognize their mentors. You are a part of his existence. Do not doubt the love of your father. Because behind his anger, is also a garden of sincerity. But our blindness can’t understand. If we cannot value him, then we cannot do good deeds, love, and care for other people because how can one who humiliates his soul be good?

2) Avoid that person who disrespects his father

Your father should be more important to you than all people revolving around your life. If a person disrespects his father, in my opinion, you should avoid him because this person did not know the importance of his father who took him into this world. Think man! how sincere this person will be with you?

3) Live for your father

Be faithful to your father. Make him Feel how important he is to you. Make him feel how special he is to you. Be a role model for other people. Give your father importance. Tell them how to do father literature. When your father starts to speak then listen to him quietly, one-day people will listen to you quietly when you speak. It will happen because when you are sincere with your soul ( your father is your soul ), then people give you value, and they will consider you a good person. Because the mirror of nature shows you that behaviour which you show in front of it. The sound you give to the wind definitely will come back to your ears.

Tips about the Importance of a Father

  • Take care of peak to peak needs of your father. Make this world a paradise for them, by seeing your righteous behaviour, think that Allah will settle your paradise in the sky.
  • Always take care of him.
  • Always give respect to him.
  • Keep them in the house like a king.
  • Keep your gaze in front of your father.
  • Make them realize that you are always available for them.
  • Love them and try to express your love for them.
  • Respect their decisions
  • Even if they are wrong in some aspect, be patient. You will definitely get the reward for this patience.
  • Trust in his experiences and follow him, because a father is real to his children.

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