What does a Motivational Speaker Do?

by Usman Ali

A motivational speaker is a person who motivates you when you are hopeless. When you do not how should you do? He realizes you about the shine in the darkness. This is my life experience that a motivational speaker like Qasim Ali Sha proved a guiding star for me. I heard this man is fabulous. He created positivity in me not me in fact within a majority of people.

I thought about how he did it? Why do people listen to him, and show him respect including me? Why he is one of the best motivational speakers in Pakistan? Then l found the reason because his work motivates people and he is sincere and true with his work. He gives time to his work, learns from his mistakes, and do improve himself. While knowing his life, l again felt motivation in me. You know it is the reality that you cannot forget that person who holds your hand during the hardships of your life.

Similarly, people listen to a motivational speaker when they are depressed that is the reason they started to feel that the ( motivational speaker) is their hero. The most positive thing about a motivational speaker is that he does not talk about negativity. He teaches you positivity.

Even if you are an unsuccessful person he will not tell you directly instead directly he will say that ” if you adopt these things in yourself today, you will be a successful person in the future ” You know earth in fact life is temporary so why we don’t console people when they are depressed? But he motivates a human in that situation. His duty is linked with the emotions of people. He learns the problems and solutions of people. Although a tongue is a piece of meat, it just looks like in fact, it can change other people’s lives. A motivational speaker is a teacher which teaches you, gives you time, and changes your life . Respect such people.

How a common speech of a motivational speaker is effective for all his listeners?

A motivational speaker plays with people’s minds. Do not take the word “Play” in a negative manner. It means it is strongly aware of the psychology of people. It is a normal thing that people will listen to him when they are depressed. Some may be stressed due to business loss, a student is depressed due to failure in his aims, parents are stressed due to their child, poor are depressed due to lack of money, and rich people are depressed due to peace of mind. By keeping all these thoughts in his mind he uses words and sentences which fit in all people’s lives. This creates a resemblance in all situations like he will say ( you should not be hopeless you have the ability to create a change in people’s life ). We can call him a psychologist too. He studies more and more books, takes knowledge, and expresses it in front of people. Communicational skills are very important for a motivational speaker. Without him, people will not like to listen to him. He should be an impressive personality. In this regard, a beautiful quote is rendered here “dard e dill ke waste peda keya insan ko”.

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