3 Tasty Foods that are more eaten in Sheikhupura

by Usman Ali

Every place has its special food which is liked by their people the most. In this regard, Sheikhupura, the most fabulous city in Pakistan has popularity in making the tastiest foods but here we will discuss those three foods, without them Sheikhpura people cannot survive.

Special Biryani

Biryani is eaten in Sheikhupura the most. If you visit people’s homes then 99/ people will be eating biryani. From this example, you can guess the popularity of biryani. It is very tasty as well as healthy food. But you know about its specialty in Sheikhupura, actually, people make it tasty. Their method of making biryani is mind-blowing. The taste is different from all other cities.

I visited many cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Rawalpindi, Lodhran, etc but found no biryani more tasteful as compared to Sheikhupura. I do not know, What do they add? What does it make tasty? Their women, as well as men too, are perfect in making this. I recommend that all people Should visit this city and must taste the biryani.

Ingredients to prepare biryani

Common ingredients are given below:

  • Biryani Masala ( available in any utility store)
  • Yogurt
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Oil
  • Lehson
  • Podina
  • White Zeera
  • Rice
  • Chicken (normal people like chicken instead of mutton and beef)

How to make it?

Clean the rice properly. Wash them and put them in a bowl and put water in them for some time. Secondly, boil some water add pudina and white zeera to that boiling water add rice when they have boiled then off the fire. Take a bowl, mix the yogurt and biryani masala in that bowl and keep that bowl separate. Then put the kettle on fire add oil and add onion and fry until it turns brown and of the fire. Then take that fried onion in a separate bowl and now the oil that you used for frying the onion will be used now fry the chicken in that oil until it gains a brown to reddish color.

Now take the kettle to add boiled rice, chicken as well as yogurt masala mixture and cover them in a light fire for sometime and after 2 to 3 minutes come back . Now, you can check, that your biryani has been prepared.

The most wonderful dish Sheikhupura has prepared.

Is biryani healthy food?

Yess! Biryani is a healthy food because it contains rice which has nutritive values like protein etc, yogurt, chicken, onion all many others. No unhealthy ingredient is used.

Sabzi Gosht

Secondly, another recipe that is eaten in Sheikhupura is Sabzi *Goshat with Rotti
Sabzi Goshat with Rotti is one of the tastiest and most wonderful dishes of Sheikhupura, people like it the most and make it the most.

Highlighted Ingredients:

Sabzi Goshat is mixture of any vegetable it can be Cabbage or other and meat which may be of mutton or beef but usually people use Chicken because Sheikhupura people like Chicken the most as compared to others.

How do they eat?

They take one bite of roti with one bite of Sabzi Gosht and enjoy it.
The taste is fabulous. One bite compels them to take or enjoy more and more bites
Hidden health in Sabzi Gosht
It contains a lot of health. Sabzi in other words vegetables which are normally very necessary for health is used in this dish. So, how it cannot be healthy?
Its ingredients make it healthy. All healthy things are added. Sheikhupura people use a common slogan about food which is:” Eat healthily, eat tastily and stay healthy”.

How ill do people eat Sabzi Goshat?
Normally, red is chilly and is usually used in this dish. Some high B.P patients avoid both of these. In this regard, they add black pepper. Which makes it tastier. Hence everyone can eat it. Spicy food lovers and black pepper-eating patients both can enjoy this.

Gur Wale Chawal :

Gur Wale Chawal means sweet rice but in place of white sugar, we used Gur. While knowing the popularity of biryani you got the idea that Sheikhupura people like rice the most. But sometimes instead of salty rice with chicken, their heart needs to enjoy sweet rice. To fulfill this desire, the women of Sheikhupura solve the problem by making Sweet Rice.
Now, their sweet rice makes again a person wonder.

Here the mind is also shocked when the tongue takes a bite. The tastiest sweetish dish of Sheikhupura. Their method of making any food is unique and fabulous. I guess that their method of adding common ingredients which other people also use but do not get popularity like them is unique and gorgeous.

Now, words have ended. But their capability cannot be defined by any food.
We have discussed the 3 wonderful dishes of Sheikhupura.

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