5 Food Recipes famous in Pakistan:

by Usman Ali
food recipes

There are a lot of recipes that are famous in Pakistan but here l will mention those top 5 recipes that without them Pakistani people cannot imagine their lives because they think food is life, and food tells us the healthy and energetic way of our life.

Chicken Biryani:

I start with Chicken biryani because it is a controversial issue how rice and chicken are sources of healthy life. Actually, it is Pakistans tradition that they prefer the taste. So our priority is we prepare healthy and tasty food. In this regard, Chicken biryani is one of the most preferable dishes in Pakistan because it carries health and taste. I can prove my point of view by discussing ingredients like boiled Chicken, Brown rice which are rich in protein instead of Milled rice. Here it’s our choice we choose brown rice or milled rice. Obviously, health-conscious people will choose brown rice, Red chilly, Yogurt, etc. People who like spicy rice but are also health conscious can use chilly flavors which are not harmful but only give taste all these flavors are available in the utility stores. Hence taste and health both are present in Chicken biryani which is the tastiest and most wonderful considered dish in Pakistan

Ras Malai

Sour taste and sweet taste are two sides of a coin they are separated but lie in the same coin and have their own side. How we can forget to discuss the sweet dishes of Pakistan. Rasmalai is the most preferable respite for Pakistani people. It is considered that most of the Pakistani population are suffering from diabetes so sweet dishes are not good.No I disagree with food technology served many ways to get just sweet taste flavors that are available in markets. Use them and diabetes patients can also enjoy the taste of sweet. Yess! Rasmalai is a sweet dish. It contains Fresh milk of buffalo and dry fruits too etc. A lot of health and taste get from Ismaili. Its taste is unique. I cannot tell you its taste by making a comparison with other dishes. You should taste it by yourself. Health-conscious people know how to eat and how to manage their health.

Mutton Korma

Pakistanis like Mutton Korma the most. This is one of the most famous dishes Pakistanis eat by a large number of population. Of course, it is a healthy food expensive too. People eat in large numbers in a lower quantity. They eat for taste not to fill their bellies that is the reason for their health. Poor people cannot eat mutton. But after one year when Eid Ul Adha comes, they can enjoy it. To use Korma masala many prepared packets are available in the utility stores, some people also prepare them in their own homes. Its taste is very unique. Every bite forces us to take more bites. This is the most famous dish in Pakistan.


Vermecellies which are called ” Sawayan ” in the local language are one of the most famous sweet dishes of Pakistani people. It is available in markets but also made hands by its fans. People prepare them in their homes. Some purchase from markets. Many changings have come in its appearance. Many colorful items have come into markets for their beauty but their taste is always number one. People like to eat. In villages, it is eaten daily.

Dal Gosht

Dall Gosht is one of the most eaten foods preferred primarily in Punjab in Pakistan. It is a mixture of two items Dall stands for any cereal and Goshat means meat, it could be beef, mutton, or chicken but people usually use chicken because it is less expensive as compared to mutton and beef. Its taste is very different. Two tastes feel while eating both Dall and Goshat. People eat with roti. It is also healthy food. Dall is rich in proteins and Goshat provides strength to their bones. Eat healthily and stay healthy.

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