Make Simple and Quick Banana Pancakes

by Dua Writer

So today’s recipe is the sweet banana pancake. If you guys love to eat pancakes then this recipe is especially for you. This banana pancake you can take with your breakfast or use as a sweet snack. Let us begin this banana pancake recipe. I am gonna sure you guys love to make this breakfast pancake recipe and it tastes like banana bread in a cake form. It is also a very simple recipe. This banana pancake is naturally sweet because of the bananas and also the texture of the pancake is good. Let us begin this banana pancake recipe and treat your family with this yummy sweet banana pancake recipe.


2 cups of all-purpose flour

1 tbsp of crushed sugar

1 tbsp of baking soda

Half tbsp of salt

4 medium size bananas

1 cup of full-fat cream milk

2 large-size room-temperature eggs

2 to 3 tbsp of melted butter

1 tsp of vanilla essence

Half a cup of caramel syrup

2 tbsp of oil


Follow these following steps and make do not any kind of step.


We start to mix all the dry ingredients. Take a large bowl and add 2 cups of all-purpose flour, 1 tbsp of crushed sugar, 1 tbsp of baking soda or you can use a tbsp of breaking powder, and half tsp of salt. Wisk all the ingredients together and create a circle or well in the center and keep it aside.


Take another plate and bring 2 large bananas. If your banana size is small then take 4 medium size bananas remove the skin of all the bananas and put it into the plate. Mashed the bananas with the help of fog and make them a smooth paste. If you use ripe bananas. That makes the sweet taste of your pancakes and also easy to smash the ripe bananas. Once your bananas mash. Then you see another chunky texture of the banana and that looks perfect for the pancakes. Now keep it aside also.


Bring a large bowl and add 1 cup of full-fat cream milk. Or you can also yous plain milk the buttermilk is good for the pancakes. Because it helps to make your pancake texture smooth or creamy. Add your mashed banana mixture and add 2 large-size room-temperature eggs. If you use fridge eggs then the texture of the pancake is become tangy so remove the eggs from the frigate before using it. Then add 2 to 3 tbsp of melted butter or you can melt your butter with the help of a microwave for 5 sec. Add 1 tsp of vanilla essence. Now wicked all of the wet ingredients together unit they are well combined.

Once all the ingredients mix together the simple step is pouring the wet ingredient into the dry ingredient. Now you want a wick together until they just combined and be careful for that not to mix. Make sure that do not make lumens into it. Then you can see your batter become nice like a cake batter and now your batter is ready to make a pancake of it. If in any case, your batter is thick then add 2 tsp of milk into it then make your pancakes.


Now take a frying pan and place into the flame on medium to low heat and add a tsp of oil or you can use butter also. Once the oil is hot then a scope quarter cup of pancake mixer and pure into the greased pan. Once your batter becomes bubbling at the edges or cook for 2 minutes for each side. One side of the pancake cook or you see bubbles forming on the surface then flip it into the other side.

Your pancake also becomes a golden brown in color. Once your pancake is ready shift it into the plate and repeat the same process and make more pancakes by preparing the batter. When you make all the pancakes then time to assemble it and you can also store the mixture of the pancake for at least 2 days and enjoy your pancakes for further days in the breakfast.



Take a serving plate and place 3 to 4 pancakes on top of each other. Slice the banana into the pieces and place it into the pancake and pure caramel syrup into it and you can also pure chocolate syrup it totally depends on your taste or choice. Garnish it with whipping cream and a freshly sliced banana. Now your yummy and delicious banana pancake is ready for serve. Enjoy your meal with your friends and family.

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