How to make veg chow mien at home

by Dua Writer

Today’s recipe is veg chow mein. This recipe is an easy and quick recipe. You guys love these veg chow mein which is street-style chow mien. You guys see it is such a simple recipe and you have broken it down so now do make it in your kitchen. So let us start to prepare veg chow mien.


2 Pack of noodles

3 tbsp of salt

9-10 tbsp of oil

2 medium sizes of red bell pepper

Two medium onions

2 medium green capsicums

1 medium size cabbage

2-3 green chilies

2 inches of ginger

half a cup of green chopped onions

2 tbsp of vinegar

2 tbsp of red chili sauce

One and a half tbsp of green chili sauce

1 tsp of powdered sugar

3 tbsp of thick soya sauce

One tsp of black pepper powder

2-3 eggs

1 tbsp of sesame seeds

half tbsp of gram masala

1 tbsp of green chili sauce

Half slice tomato

half tbsp of red chili powder


When we ever make or cooked Chinese food then. We need to understand that the main time consumption happens in the cutting and chopping of the veggies. In cook of Chinese, food is 20 percent of cooking and the other 80 percent of preparation.


To make chow mien we need noodles and If you like to eat nonveg noodles then you can take eggs noodles. Because it has the best taste to enhance the chow mien taste. Or else you can take veg noodles also but the older and cheaper your noodles packet. Then your chow mein will be good. If not then go to the supermarket and take any kind of noodles.

Bring a pot and add 2 liters of water into it for 2 packets of noodles and add approximately 2 tbsp of salt and 3 to 4 tbsp of oil. Oil helps to noodles to the nonstick of the noodles together. Once your water is boiled then add your 2 packs of noodles. So until the noodles boil let us do the rest of the preparation and cooked it for 15 to 20 minutes. After that stain the extra water of the noodles and washed it with normal water to stop the cooking process and keep it aside.


Take 2 medium sizes of red bell pepper to remove the seed and slice the bell pepper. Bring 2 medium green capsicums, and julienne them. Bring 2 medium onions peel them and sliced them. Take 1 medium size cabbage and shredded it nicely. Bring the 6 to 7 cloves of garlic and chopped them nicely take 2 to 3 green chilies and chopped them, 2 inches of ginger, and finely chopped it. Lastly, take half a cup of green chopped onions. Bring half the tomato and remove the seeds and slice into thin pieces.


So let us make the sauce we will mix it and keep it ready. Take a small bowl and add 2 tbsp of vinegar, 1 tbsp of red chili sauce, 1 and a half tbsp of green chili sauce, 1 tsp of powdered sugar, and 1 tbsp of thick soya sauce. So mixed it well there should be no lumps aside.


Take a bowl to add half tbsp of gram masala, half tbsp of red chili powder, and a little bit of salt to taste not too much because even soya sauce has salt in it. While boiling the noodles we also add salt to it as well. Mix your dry masala and keep it aside.


If you want to have eggs chow mein then bring a bowl add 2 to 3 eggs and add into the bowl and add 1 tbsp of black pepper powder. Add a pinch of salt and mix it well. Take a pan add 2 to 3 tbsp oil and dig the omelet into it and cook it properly. add one side and make an omelet and chopped it and add it in the end.


Now in a hot wok and take some oil approximately 3 to 4 tbsp of oil and now without wasting any time. We have to move very quickly set your prepare the ingredients near your stove. Add chopped garlic and stir it for a minute then add chopped ginger and keep starting until it becomes soft. Then add sliced onions and chopped green chilies. Texture is the most important thing in chow mien because texture is everything in Chinese food. Now before the texture is lost add in the other sliced veggies. Which is green and red bell pepper and the cabbage and stir it for a few minutes. After that add boiled noodles and those together.

Time to add prepare dry masala and add prepared sauce. Keep those together and add 1 tsp of chili sauce. If your noodles required more sauce then add 1 tbsp of soya sauce and remember that the soya sauce has to be thick soya sauce. Keep tossing for 2 minutes and make sure don’t cook it more. If so your veggies will lose their texture and your veggies become soft so don’t overcook them. Lastly, add green chopped onions at the end and prepare the omelet mixture to add 1 tbsp of sesame seeds and stir it for a minute. Your super yummy and simple veg chow mine is ready.


Bring a serving plate and transfer your cooked or prepare veg chow mein into the plate and garnish it with green chopped onions and sliced tomatoes. Ready for severing enjoy your meal with some kind of drink.

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