How to Make Suji Halwa Pakistan Recipe

by Usman Ali
Suji ka Halwa

Suji Ka Halwa Recipe

We will learn how to make Suji Halwa, one of the most simple (easy to cook) dishes. A person who says that he doesn’t know anything about cooking can easily cook this. This tastiest dish is a sweet dish. This dish saves time in fact a person who is too much busy can easily cook this, can enjoy its good taste and fills his belly.

Now, I will tell you the simple method to make this. Make it and serve it to your family to see their smile, to make them happy and to make them realize that even in a very busy routine you are always available for them. To show your love to your family” Suji Halwa” is the simplest way. Sometimes, to enter someone’s heart we just need a simple step. This dish is created to save time and to enjoy the sweetness of the tastiest Saudi halwa. Now, l am going to tell you the detail of Saudi Halwa, which is given below.

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Ingredients of Suji Halwa

  • Semolina (Suji ) one cup
  • Raisins ( kishmish )
  • Orange or yellow mix food colour
  • One cup oil
  • Two cup water
  • Almonds
  • Cardamon

Method to cook Suji Halwa

1) Take a frying pan. Put on strove. Now On the flame. Add one cup of oil to it.

2) Add one cup of suji to that oil and start to mix.

3) Add one tablespoon of butter and carry on mixing gently.

4) Then in a separate strove to put the kettle on the fire and now add two cups of water and one cup of sugar and stir to mix. Now add only 2 cardamon. In this step, you should be aware that you are just going to melt the sugar.

5) Now, come to the frying pan. When sugar is melted. Add that water to the frying pan. And now start to shake. Add orange and yellow food colours in it about a half tablespoon. Shake until it is cooked. When it is looking somehow hard. Now, your suji halwa is ready.

How to serve

Now, take a tray. Add halwa to it. Then spread almonds and raisins upon the surface of halwa. You should know that your presentation to serve a dish is very important. When you make any type of halwa then always spread some dry fruits before serving.

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