Homemade Peach Milkshake Recipe

by Usman Ali

Here is the special peach milkshake recipe. Everyone knows well that this is the easiest recipe. It is very tasty and also healthy. We should use it in our diet. It creates coolness in the body. I am here to tell you the healthy way to make it. I will tell you about the secret of a tasty peach milkshake. You did notice that some people made peach shakes very tasty now the secret is given below:

Ingredients to make Peach Milkshake

  • Peach half kg
  • Sugar one tablespoon
  • Boiled Milk 2 cups of tea
  • Cream or condensed milk
  • Ice


A milkshake is made by a machine or drink mixer. I just want to tell you that always use a good mixer. Because after ingredients our machine should be good. It should be of good company. Because a good mixer can mix all ingredients within 2 minutes others take 5 to 9 minutes.

Method to make Special Peach Milk Shake

1) First of all, take fresh peaches. Cut them into a cube shape. Then put it in the milkshake machine.

2) After adding peach now add milk. Make sure that milk must be used after boiling. Always use boiled milk and add it to the milkshake machine after cooling.

3) Now, add crushed ice. And then add sugar according to your taste.

4) You know now I am going to open the secret of a tasty peach milkshake. The secret is you just need to use the cream. The cream makes your shake tasty. If you have no cream then you can add condensed milk.

5) Now on the drink mixer or milkshake machine only for one to two minutes. Now, your tasty shake is ready.

How to serve Milkshake

Add a peach milkshake to the glass. Now add some cut cubes to the glass. Put this glass of shake on the plate. On this plate also put peach cut pieces. This plate will show your guests that peach juice is here for them. Cut peach pieces will show that you are giving them respect through the amazing presentation. You know it is not important What we are doing for others? The important thing is how we are presenting in front of them. Our method of giving something to others is always important. After tasting, your first preference should be your presentation.

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