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Today, try this amazing Chicken Malai Handi recipe. The moment will be outstanding because of these quick, easy, and simple Chicken Malai Handi recipes. Give it a perfect meal by eating this one with Garlic Naan, rice, and roti. Serve this delicious chicken malai handi that has been made with spices and cream. Chicken malai handi is one of the best and yummiest boneless chicken handis you ever taste.


1 kg boneless chicken

3-4 Tbsp of oil

2 Inch butter

1Tbsp of garam masala

1 tbsp garlic paste

1 tbsp of ginger paste

5-6 green chilies

1 tbsp of red chili

2 tbsp of salt

2 tbsp of crushed black pepper

1 coriander powder

Half cinnamon powder

5-6 cashew

1 tbsp cumin powder

Half cup full-fat cream

1/4 cup green corinder

3-4 tomatoes

3-4 tbsp yogurt

Half a cup of capsicum

1 tbsp white sesame seeds


We prepare this chicken malai handi in two steps. So let us start step one.

STEP ONE: First marinated the chicken. Washed and cut the chicken into 1-inch pieces. Take a bowl and add 1-inch pieces of chicken and all ingredients. Add 1 tbsp salt, 3 to 4 tbsp of curd, 1 tbsp of ginger paste, and 1 tbsp of garlic paste. 2 tbsp of black pepper powder, 5 to 6 cashew, and 1 tbsp of sesame seeds paste, Take a blender and grind the cashew nuts and sesame seeds into a fine powder.

Half tbsp chili powder, half tbsp of garam masala powder, 1 tbsp of coriander powder,1 tbsp of cumin powder, and 4 to 5 tbsp of cream into the chicken. Marinate this for 2-3 hours and also marinate it overnight.

STEP TWO: Now take the pan and add 2 to 3 tbsp of oil, Add 2 inches of butter and cook for a second until the butter completely melts, and make sure don’t burn the butter. Transfer the marinated chicken to the pan and cook for 2 to 3 minutes on medium to low flame. Once the chicken’s color changes and the chicken is white in color. Mix it and cooked it until the chicken is halfway cooked. Add 3 to 4 chopped tomatoes and cook for 5 minutes until the tomato’s water completely devolved. Then add half a cup of green capsicum mixed it well. If you don’t like capsicum then skip this step.

Now add 3 cups of water and cover the lid and cook for 15 minutes on a low flame. Once the chicken is completely cooked and your chicken gravy is thick then add 3-4 tbsp of water. If you like thin gravy then add more water and 3 to tbsp of full-fat cream and cook for 3 to 4 minutes. Chicken is completely cooked add a slice of ginger and green chilies. Cover the lid for 5 minutes making sure your flame is off. Chicken soaked the fragrant of row green chilies and ginger aroma. Which enhances the taste.


Now take a serving plate, Add chicken and garnish with cream, slice ginger, chopped green chilies, and lastly add chopped green coriander. Your yummy and tasty chicken malai handi are ready for survey.

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