How to stay consistent with your work

by Usman Ali
stay consistent with your work

You know our work is our responsibility. If we are sincere with our work then it will be the only reason for our respect in society. We should understand the importance of our work. Everybody knows about his work. I am not here to tell you what is work. You know well which work is important for you? And What are your tasks?

We are here to know the value of work. Sit in a corner and think. Think about the passing years of your life. Why did people love you ever? After making imagination you got only one point due to your value, your any achievement, your importance and also due to money they gave you a lot of respect. People give you value because they can see your importance to them. Be important in people’s life by working in your life. Because if you are shining like a star every one will try to stand beneath your light and shine because in the surrounding there is totally darkness.

Why do people give value to your achievements, not you?

You know in my opinion it is not a bad thing. If people are giving importance to your achievements which you are getting by your work. Because if you are working and showing very bad performance and the funniest thing is that everyone is appreciating you, and saying you very good then how can you understand your shortcomings? How can you grow up in your work? Someone said once:” I grow up because of those people who hold me in achievements and left me in failure”.
There is a balance between failure and success and it is maintained by appreciating success and ignoring failure.

Our work is our life. Why?

Yeah! I agree that our work is important as our life. You can understand this enigma through such a wonderful example. Let’s come we go to unpuzzle it.

For example,
You know we live by seeing many people which are living in our surroundings. We live by sitting in the happiest company of our friends but it is a bitter reality that they are connected with our achievements, not with us. I saw people who left you when you are nothing when your performance is zero due to any hardships that happened in your life. They are linked to your success. So, you have to maintain your success by hard-working to keep such important people in your life. They will feel happy to sit with a successful person which is definitely you and you will live to see them.

It is said by someone” I was working to show my achievements to people but a day came when people were working by following me”
So, Why are you not understanding the worth of your work? You are a human due to your sincerity with your work. Your work is your identity. It should be your destination and your everything. Everything is clear and defined. You know clearly that if you will do some work then you will get something great. So, Why are you so confused?

Importance of a hardworking person

Life is not easy. To gain something great is also not easy. Maintaining your achievements is also not easy. Everything is complex. But in many confusions and complexities, you know that What is the shortcut way? The answer is hardworking. The funniest thing is that this shortcut way is very difficult. But if you hold it, it will never feel ashamed in any battle. A hardworking man is not a common man. If you have a hardworking personality then you are the luckiest person. Because laziness has destroyed many intellectual persons, whose unmatchable abilities are still un famous.

Point to be noted:

Do Work to make your identity. Do work to get fame. Do work to help others. Do work to get what you want. Do work because it is your task. Do work because Allah Almighty has selected you for this work. Do hard work to remind other people how to do work. Do work because any work can make your level to survive in this competitive world. Do work to remain unaware by the hidden black faces of people.

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